My Musings. Global Aspirations

global fashion

Agne Konciute\ Photographed by Boe Marion (Marie Claire March 2015)\ Flatlay by The Chic Street

I have been hinting at a vacation for some time now, and that trip is drawing closer. I’ll be in Spain with my love for a much- needed vacation next month. Besides some rest, relaxation and the exploration of the culinary scene in Madrid and Barcelona, I hope to simply get inspired.

Now, I am not much for print and color, but the inspiration that designers pulled from every corner of the globe for spring has me craving more than just an adventure to another continent. I also want to take an adventure with my wardrobe. However, don’t expect to see a change in my take on modern simplicity, just anticipate the addition of a little bit of what I like to call panache when it comes to building my spring and summer wardrobe. Oh, and I can’t wait to share some snapshots from my upcoming trip.

Cheers to a little adventure, my style mavens!

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