Travel Diary. My Week in Barcelona and Madrid


Spain Collage

Oh, my style mavens, what a week it has been. I took my first trip to Spain, and split my days between Madrid and Barcelona- two very different cities, but both so beautiful and rich in culture.

I not only got to spend some real quality time with my hubby-another adventurous Aquarius who is truly the ying to my yang-eat more tapas than I thought was humanly possible (tapas are THE food to eat in Spain), and recenter myself, but I also got to experience a different culture, which is the most rewarding part of traveling. When reflecting back on the trip, I feel that even if I was only in the beautiful country for a week, I am coming back from Spain a changed individual.

Of course, every trip has its challenges, and our biggest one was the language barrier. However, being equipped with a translation app and a few years of studying the language under my belt- though in this part of the world the locals speak Castilian- and locals who are more than happy to help you, this minor issue helped us bound with the people of the country instead of making us feel like complete outsiders. There were also so many wonderful experiences, but my favorite was our trip to Museum Picasso. There, I had the chance to come face-to-face with the works of the great artist and also had the opportunity to compare his work with the other Spanish surrealist painter: Dali.  My only regret is not being able to take actual photos of the art featured in the museum. However, I did come away from the museum with a book (I purchase one in every city I visit) and a new understanding of the artist.

So now I am back home, and looking through the hundreds of pictures I took while on the trip. There are too many to share on here, but I thought I would share a few of my favorites. With flower shops on every corner, street art covering almost every alley of both cities, amazing architecture and the best coffee I have ever had, I can’t wait to head back to Europe soon and see what other culinary and cultural experiences the other countries that share this continent have to offer.

madrid blog 3

madrid blog 4

Madrid: Retiro Park

madrid blog 2

madrid blog 1

madrid blog 10

madrid blog 9

madrid blog 8

madrid blog 6

Madrid: Market Day

madrid blog 7

madrid blog 5Madrid: Cafe y Tapas Montera

Look at Retiro Park: Free People Boater Hat (similar here and here), American Apparel Tee, ASOS Camel LeatherJacket\ Brunswick Satchel (c/o Hobbs London)\ ASOS High Denim\ ZeroUV Sunglasses

Look at Panisimo Cafe: Mango Kimono Jacket (similar here)

barcelona blog 6

Port of Barcelona

barcelona blog 5

barcelona blog 4

Museum Picasso

barcelona blog 3

barcelona blog 8

Barcelona: Adante Hotel

barcelona blog 2

barcelona blog 1

Barcelona: Parallel Central Cafe

Look on Barcelona Paral-el: H&M Print Jacket\ American Apparel Tee\ Chain Strap Bag (purchased at Barcelona Street Market- similar here and here)\ ASOS Black Denim\ ZeroUV Sunglasses\ Express Loafers

A Few of My Accessories (at Adante Hotel): Free People Boater Hat (similar here and here)\VS Lace Up Heels\ ASOS Checkered Angora Cardigan (similar here)\ Paris Vogue

32 thoughts on “Travel Diary. My Week in Barcelona and Madrid

  1. So true! There are so many places which are waiting to be explored! Sounds like your trip was a wonderful experience! I love Spain too: The people, the culture and its cuisine of course!!! ;-P
    When leaving a museum I always buy a book as well, my last one was Van Gogh! (We were able to make pictures of every art piece in Amsterdam btw!)


  2. What a great trip! I love Barcelona, very cool city. I loved the park and the water. Hope you had the little croissants with cream inside! Also loved your outfits on your visit. Great blog!

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