From The Runway. Céline Pre Fall 2015

Just when I think I’m about to get over my long-standing infatuation with Phoebe Philo, the designer goes and creates another effortless, structured (my two favorite aspects of design) collection, and sucks me right back into her stylish gravitational field again.

celine pre fall 2015

For the upcoming fall season, the critically acclaimed designer stuck to what she does best- clean lines, boxy silhouettes, and a cool girl vibe that is currently unmatched in the industry. However, Philo also sprinkled in a few touches of panache, which included fur, gold accents, and frayed hemlines that somehow look more chic than undone.

Maybe it is simply the Philo affect that has me completely infatuated with everything she constructs, but if her pre-fall collection is any indication of what is to come, then I better start saving my hard-earned cash now.

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