My Style. Re-edit+ Re-style

Whether is is strapped around a tunic, make-shifting as a belt for your favorite pair of trousers, or giving a dress some shape in the waist, never underestimate the transformative power of the belt bag.


Yes, my style mavens, you are in fact seeing an ensemble that I have featured before. However, before you cue the violins of blogger shame, please hear me out on why I chose to don a certain look more than once- even typing this gives me an uncontrollable tinge of sudden dread. Have you ever styled up a look, but felt that there was always something a little off about it? Just like any displeased artist in their craft, this dress seemed to be the one that always haunted me, because I felt there was just something missing, and I must say that this belt bag – formerly known as the fanny pack- was definitely it.

So today is my day of redemption, and to be honest, I feel a little relieved. I mean, I know it is just fashion and all, but this look has been haunting my dreams for months (ok, maybe that is a little dramatic), and although there are things in life that we may wish we could redo, or a conversation that we wish we could go back and edit, a past ensemble choice is the one things that we can actually change. And isn’t that the beauty of of it all? Being able to change one thing about a look, and all of sudden everything feels brand new…

Now I’ll be sleeping like a baby, and all because of this one belt bag. (haha)



fannypack 3 newest

fannypack style



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collage fanny


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