From The Runway. Givenchy Resort 2016

Ricardo Tisci hit the streets of New York to get inspired while creating the Givenchy Resort 2016 collection. And it is this grittiness, coupled with layers of tailored menswear and a muted color palette, that makes the collection completely fresh and inspiring for the upcoming season.

givenchy coll (775)

Phs: (remixed by TCS)

From draped dresses to pleated pants, Tisci’s recent take on resortwear was more playful than what we have seen from the designer in season’s past- garbage and semi trucks served as a satirical backdrop to the exquisite garments. However, this departure from the serious and constrained has been a trend that many designers have been working with for several seasons now. And although Tisci did not embrace flats like many others did for resort, he did deploy the  kitten heel as a happy medium when it comes to comfortable footwear. The designer also scattered touches of menswear throughout the collection, but made sure to carefully nip in the waists of all his silhouettes, so that his well-known touch of femininity was still present in the pieces.

To see the full collection, click here.

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