New In. The LBH

strappy heels newest

Triple Strap Sandal from Express

Yes, my style mavens, I should be thinking ahead to fall, but sometimes when you fall head over strappy heels, you just have to give into the temptation. So, I’ll be walking right into fall with these attached to my feet. However, they will also be a go-to for spring, because the simple silhouette is just oh so classic, and every footwear fanatic needs a LBH in her fashion arsenal- as inΒ Little Black Heel.

What is your go-to shoe?

11 thoughts on “New In. The LBH

  1. Love, love your new sandals! I am thinking winter even though it’s 40 degrees Celsius over here. I am into Aquazzura right know straggling whether I should get the Christy flats or heels?
    xxxx Nina

    1. Oh, I am already looking at boots and closed toe shoes, so I’m right there with you! As far as the shoe choice, flats are always a good idea, but heels are too…. Such a tough decision! Good luck 😊

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