Eats. Craft House

One Louisville spot that had me at their Bacon Bruschetta- there is no actual bacon on this dish, just a generous helping of bacon jelly mixed with goat cheese, walnuts and pear tomato salad- was Craft House in Crescent Hill. The dishes are interesting, without being pretentious, and the atmosphere is includes a laid back, yet helpful wait staff, and a modern brewery-inspired decor.

craft house louisville 1

craft house louisville 3

craft house louisville 2

I recently visited this local gem, and realized quickly that the chef had mastered the art of putting a unique twist on classic dishes. The restaurant also offers a variety of vegetarian options- the Mushroom Rueben comes to mind- and prides itself on its gluten free dishes as well. Craft House also provides local craft beer to pair with its food options. Pair your Eight Ball Brewing Company A.P.A with the Catfish and Chow Chow or a Falls City ale with the popular Craft House Burger. Either way, as long as you enjoy truly fresh plates with local brewery offerings, you will find yourself becoming a regular at this Louisville establishment.

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