Off Duty. As of Lately

Oh, what a month it has been. Between working on two of my biggest deadlines of the year and the usual bombardment of daily tasks, my blog has simply taken a backseat. However, so that you don’t feel so jaded from the past few weeks of neglect, I’m sharing what I have been up to while away, and a blogger off duty look as well. I hope that this, along with the promise of getting back to blogging regularly next week, will make up for my absence. Enjoy, my style mavens. Enjoy.

iPhone Snap: Urban Outfitters Silk Scarf \ Zara Pumps \ ASOS Black Denim \ ASOS Navy Men’s Button Down (similar here)


If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I am slightly enamored with music. I was raised by a mother who exposed me to everything from Janis Joplin to Depeche Mode, and Heart, so I’ve always had a colorful appreciation for music. I recently heard The Last Bison’s cover of M83’s Midnight City, and can’t get it out of my head. Check it out here.

Social Activities

A few months ago, I became one of four individuals who now make up the Connecting Things Louisville team, and I can honestly say that the way I view myself as a member of the local community hasn’t been the same since. Our team not only works together to create a monthly event for local creatives to meet and mingle, but we also inspire one another to be better individuals. There is so much talent in the city I live in, so being part of a team who wishes to cultivate that has been so rewarding. This month, the world-renowned photographer, Clay Cook, spoke at Lydia House about what it takes to make it in the industry. The result? A lot of inspiration, and this epic selfie.

Work Habits

Besides the usual hustle and bustle of being part of the marketing world, I have had two major deadlines for Extol Magazine- the publication I write and photograph for. My most recent editorial is still under wraps, but this Koerber’s shoot in which we combined fine jewelry with sweets just hit newsstands.

Morning Sustenance 

Today, I took some time off from my full time gig to recenter and spend time with friends. My day started with coffee and the amazing performance by the Louisville Orchestra, titled The Bach Effect. And although I have been attending performances by the Louisville Orchestra for some time now, after having the opportunity to actually meet some of the individuals who keep this well-oiled machine running and inspiring us all, I feel even more of a connection to this community. Check out their full coffee concert series schedule here.


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