Anchal Project. Design for Change

I’ve always been a huge advocate of fashion for a cause, because it not only brings about social change, but it also brings some substance back to an industry that is sometimes seen as frivolous and even pretentious. One company that is bringing about this change, and doing it globally, is Anchal Project.

Infinity Scarf ( c/o Anchal Project) \ Zara Heels \ Calvin Klein Button Down \ Zara Cropped Flared Denim

Anchal’s mission is to provide social and economic change for exploited women in India by providing them with employment opportunities. The company believes that textile is the perfect medium to bring about this opportunity while offering stability to the women it employs.

“Quilt-making is the medium through which we instigate, collaborate, and facilitate economic and personal transformation for the commercial sex workers involved in the project,” says Anchal’s website.
Each scarf, quilt, tie and product that you purchase from Anchal not only provides a new possibility and empowers these marginalized women, but they are also crafted from 100% recycled cotton saris. Making an impact on the environment, providing social change, and doing it all with fashion is something that is admirable, and something that has made me a true advocate of this company.
To learn more about the company and their vision, visit their website.


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