Eats. Ghyslain on Market

If you are looking for light fair with a French accent, then Ghyslain on Market is the Louisville culinary haunt for you.

Ghyslain’s menu mostly boasts sandwiches, soups, small entrees and salads- the Vegetarian Focaccia,  paired with the baked macaroni and cheese is my favorite combination at the moment. However, the bistro’s crepes and breakfast selections are simply drool-worthy, and the chocolate creations are as artistically appealing as they are deliciously delectable. 

Another plus is the establishment’s unique selection of gluten-free offerings. In fact, most of Ghyslain’s chocolate creations are free of gluten, and some are also sugar-free as well. This selection, along with an inviting, almost cafeteria-style atmosphere (mind you, the chicest cafeteria you’ll ever stepped foot in), paired with the idea that upscale dining can actually be achieved at a reasonable price, make Ghyslain a local favorite for me and other foodie friends alike.

Check out their full menu here.

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