My Style. The LWD Just Got A Makeover

ASOS White Dress \ Nikou Jewel Tassel Earrings \ Urban Outfitters Sunglasses

This week, I watched an interesting fashion documentary that featured the fashion legend, icon and rule breaker, Iris Apfel. Apfel’s candid attitude about the industry and the art of getting dressed throughout the film was truly energizing, and had me reconsidering the power of accessories and how they can carry the weight of an entire look, or in this case, a cocktail dress.

This month, I will be doing a lot of re-working of classic cocktail attire for the local, Derby-centric festivities that will be taking place here in Louisville. Because of this, I have been thinking a lot about the classic cocktail dress and how to style it in fresh, modern ways while still staying true to my minimalist perspective.

Apfel was a master at print manipulation, but often relied on her accessories to make the statement in her looks. The idea that her trademark, oversized sunglasses could make even a basic tee and jeans look uber chic had me intrigued, and made me take a second look at how I can make a statement this Derby season. Instead of donning color or sparkle to standout in the crowd, I can rely on a pair of statement earrings and perfectly-placed cutouts (yes, I do consider these over-sized side straps to be accessories) to pump up the panache this Derby season while being true to my personal style aesthetic.

So give me all the accessories you’ve got this month, because this style maven will be piling them on and wearing them with the same pride she would have if her horse actually won the biggest race of the year.

“I didn’t give a damn about going the party or being at the party. It was getting dressed for the party, and there is truth and poetry in that.” – Iris Apfel


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