Beauty. #AllEyesOnMe

Lancôme Hypnose Drama Mascara \ Lancôme Artliner in Black 

I have to admit, when a huge box of Lancôme makeup showed up at my door, I was excited and yet slightly terrified. Don’t get me wrong, I invest in decadent liquid liner and mascara, but besides my go-to cat eye and maybe the occasional bold lip, I am completely clueless when it comes to makeup.

As a self-proclaimed tomboy growing up, and student at a private school that didn’t allow the use of anything other than foundation and a little mascara, I didn’t even own my first eyelash curler until I moved away for college. This lack of experience and an engrained idea that less is more has deeply shaped how I view makeup. However, it also made me appreciate it more, and the power it can have when it comes to transforming the way the wearer feels- I go from tomboy to the style maven and fashion columnist in less than 5 minutes.

That being said, I decided to test Lancôme’s liquid liner, mascara and primer, and color design palette out for my most recent night on the town. First, I prepped my eyelashes with the Booster XL Mascara Base. This is when I take a moment to admit that for years I have wondered how to keep my lashes curled. Even after using blowdryers, multiple mascaras, and everything in between- I’ve tried so many tips and tricks that I’m shocked my eyelashes have survived the whole ordeal- I only achieved the desired results for the first half an hour, but then things quickly fell flat by the time I had actually touched up my hair and ensemble, and made it out the door. This primer also lays the perfect foundation for Lancôme’s Hypnose Drama mascara. My eyelashes not only stayed curled for he length of the night, but also looked longer than ever.

Now, let’s discuss the liquid eyeliner. Though I may not be a makeup kind of girl, I am OBSESSED with liquid eyeliner. I once did an interview in which I was asked what accessory I couldn’t live without, and I dutifully replied, “eyeliner!” Lipstick, eyeshadow and everything in between is great, but accentuating my almond-shaped eyes is really all I need on a daily basis when it comes to getting ready. Though not waterproof- something I have learned to always look for, so that there is no smudging involved when applying and wearing- the Artliner stayed in place all day and night, and made me ready to take on the city with a sense of cofidence that only comes when one knows that their makeup is actually going to stay in place. (Amen to that!)

Check out Lancôme’s All Eyes On Me Campaign here.

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