New In. My Kind of Daydreamer Denim


One lesson we have learned when it comes to fashion, is that satire truly goes a long way. Right now, designers are borrowing a bit of comic relief from the 70s, and bringing patched up denim back into the the fashion stratosphere with their modern take on the trend. From mis-matched patches of denim at Tom Ford to a pair of DKNY jeans that resemble a DIY project (in the best way possible), and even emoji patches that reference the era that we currently live in, denim is getting a complete makeover this spring.

patch denim trend

patch denim style trend

ASOS Patch Denim Jacket (The Chic, Yet Cheap Find) \ Button Down Shirt (c/o Madewell) \ Zara Frayed Hem Cropped Denim \ Express Sandals

2 thoughts on “New In. My Kind of Daydreamer Denim

  1. I’m in LOVE with this jacket!! I would love to purchase however I can’t seem to find the link or website where to purchase. Would you mind sending that to me I would greatly appreciate it! 🙂

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