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harvest on market louisville

Harvest, a restaurant of many firsts, had me at one simple, yet genius idea: bourbon and coffee. (Ok, the official name of this lively concoction is actually the Kentucky Wake-Me-Up, but the premise is pretty straightforward.) No, the restaurant is not the first to mix alcohol with caffeine, and they surely will not be the last, but they were one of the firsts to truly champion the farm-to-table movement here in Louisville. They were also one of the first businesses to bring locals flocking to what was once a relatively unknown part of the city when they opened their doors in 2010 on East Market Street.

However, even with all their firsts, it is Harvest’s understated dishes and a menu that pays homage to the restaurant’s Southern roots that keep all of us coming back for more.

I have visited Harvest on many occasions, and tried several items on their menu with, but here is a rundown of some of my favorite, current dishes:

Brunch– The Grit-N-Goo (pictured above) combines a helping of three cheese grits with burgoo, chive biscuits and a sunny side egg, and tops it all off with hot sauce. Who doesn’t like all their favorite breakfast items in one bowl?

Lunch– If you want a light lunch, go for the cheese board. It boasts an impressive combination of Wabash cannonball & fuji apple mostarda, Pharoah’s reserve cheddar and country ham jam, and a serving of Tulip Tree trillium and apple butter. However, if you prefer a larger dish, try the Louismill cornmeal crusted catfish. The combination of breading and catfish leaves you feeling full, but in the best way possible. 

Dinner– If you are a cheese aficionado, the spinach ricotta tortellini with garlic chèvre soubise will be the most delectable dish you have ever devoured. Instead of overpowering its ingredients, the tortellini serves as a mere casing for the ricotta and garlic sauce, so you get a true burst of flavor with single every bite.

Now, get out there and enjoy one of Louisville’s culinary treasures, and say hello to the restaurant’s new leader, chef Patrick Roney, while you are at it.

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