My Musings. Ushering In the New


all white style

Today, I am taking a moment to sit and appreciate the new season that is upon all of us. I have been going through so many changes of my own as of lately,  so it feels quite cathartic to ponder the start of a new season, whether it is weather-related or simply a personal awakening, in a truly meaningful way.

all white style

asymmetric earring

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Just like the seasons, new chapters of our lives will come and go- the good, bad and ugly- while also ushering in meaningful change at the same time. One can fight this natural phenomenon, or they can simply decide to embrace the new season. Personally, I am learning to trust that once the storms of springs are officially over, the beautiful foliage of the summer will take hold, and the sun will start shining again.

I think we all can use a little sunshine in our life, don’t you?

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