The Chic, Yet Cheap Find. Summer Mules


mules 2016 trend

ASOS Pointy Toe Mules 

Of all the footwear trends to make their way onto our feet this summer, mules have honestly came as a bit of a surprise. With their bulkier structure and need to be created in heavier materials, the shoe doesn’t exactly scream summer. However, almost every spring collection ( Proenza Schouler created a two-tone, pointy toe option that has me swooning) featured a variation of the shoe designs, which had me contemplating the power of this particular trend, and why it has been one that is lingering, while also transforming, for several seasons now.

After some contemplation, because you know, that is what we fashion journalists do (always taking on those “hard-hitting” questions so that you don’t have to- haha), I came to two conclusions. First, the mule is truly one of the most effortless versions of heeled-footwear you can get. I mean, there is no tying and untying involved in most cases, and just like a slipper, you simply slide them on and off. It is this very idea that comfort can be obtained without loosing the fashion aspect of it all that has been an underlying current in many of the collections for several years, and shows no signs of going anywhere anytime soon.

Second, since the trend translates well off the actual runway, mules are so easy to don in real life situations. Fashion can sometimes be about fantasy, so practicality can often get lost when it comes to fashion. However,  when a trend actually does easily convert into an every day staple, the fashion masses respond in a purely positive way. Oh, and did I mention that since mules have some serious staying power, they will transition well into fall? Carrying a trend from one season to a next is always a plus in my book.

So, if you are looking for a footwear trend to embrace this season, make it a mule, my style mavens.

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