My Style. How to Layer Like a Pro


With fall right around the corner, the upcoming season’s best and brightest have already made their way down the runways, been swooned over by the masses, analyzed by fashion’s it crowds, and even found their way into stores. With all the taunting currently coming from these fall must-haves, I find myself tempted to incorporate them (yes, I know it is mid-August and the temps are still soaring) into my current summer wardrobe.

stripe style

Express Denim Skirt \ ASOS Mules \ ASOS Striped Midi Dress

Today’s idea involves the layering of one of my new, and dare I say favorite, dresses with a denim skirt that I have been donning all summer. The pop of stripes perfectly compliment and accentuate the slit in the front of my denim confection, and even have me realizing that there is really an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to layering a skirt over a dress for fall. Go for a mid-length style like the one above, or even play around with a shorter denim skirt and button-down (we all know just how much I LOVE a good button-down) shirtdress combination that allows the dress to peek out the bottom. Either way, be sure to have a little fun with your styling.

Woohoo for having some fun!

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