My Musings. I’ve Got the Summertime Blues


off shoulder top

Yes, my style mavens, I am back. Back from a trip that has put things into a completely new perspective, and propelled me into a much-needed state of change. In fact, my trip to India had such a profound affect on me that I am still fighting to fully grasp the words to describe it. Don’t worry though, a post will be coming your way very soon.

off shoulder style

off shoulder

SheIn Off Shoulder Blouse \ Dr.Denim Jeans \ Truffle Collection Molly Heel \Moon Star Bracelet (c/o Marrin Costello)

In the meantime, I feel compelled to take a moment to recognize the change that is also coming with the new season. Don’t get me wrong, fall is actually my favorite time of the year- layers, cozy knits and loafers all contribute to this love affair. However, I feel as if fall truly snuck up on me this year. Wasn’t I just writing about the transition from spring to summer a few short weeks ago? Now, I am morning some of those summer staples that just didn’t make it into the wardrobe rotation enough this past season, and this off-the-shoulder top just happens to be one of those items.

Plus, all the new spring collections have had me glued to my laptop and completely inspired by what is to come once spring rolls around again. Not that I am one to wait when it comes to fashion. However, I will be patiently waiting here, in my summer staples, until my love of fall returns and my warmer weather items are replaced with leather jackets and the perfect pair of pumps.

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