My Style. The Power of Per-suede-sion


suede skirt trend

Who doesn’t love a good comeback story? This fall, there’s one trend in particular that the fashion industry is cheering on, and that is suede.

suede skirt


suede skirt

First and I Suede Skirt \ H&M Blouse \ ASOS Mules \ Zara Handbag

Seen in many of the fall 2016 collections, the material that was once popularized in the 70’s has become this season’s most versatile fabric. From a color-blocked suede skirt at Derek Lam’s fall 2016 presentation, to the head-to-toe suede ensemble in a delicate sherbet hue at Balmain, this material is being styled and transformed in chic and uber modern ways.

Instead of pairing this fabric with only bohemian blouses, fringe or anything that looks as if it could have resided in Janis Joplin’s closet, venture out and style this textile with menswear, tailored pieces, and even preppy classics. This exploration in styling will give the material a fresh feel and brings it into the modern era. So whether you are pairing a suede jacket with tailored trousers, or donning a basic blouse with your high-waisted suede skirt, this is definitely a trend to try this fall.

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