My Musings. The Art of Finding the Perfectly-Pleated Skirt


pleat skirt trend

If you are like me, my style mavens, then you probably spend way too much time perusing the latest offerings and trends in your favorite magazines, online blogs and even fashion apps. If you are like me, then you also probably swoon over the designer duds presented in many of them, but often end up searching for wallet-friendly options instead. This ongoing quest for a cheaper alternative is actually what led me to create a section of my blog called the Chic, Yet Cheap Find, and is also what keeps many of you readers coming back for a regular dose of fashion-related pearls of wisdom. However, once I spot a trend and start the hunt for that perfect item to complete it- in this case it is a pleated skirt- I find sometimes find myself engaging in a long process that leads to complete and utter frustration.

pleat skirt trend

pleat skirt trend

Tenki Pleated Skirt \ Mango Handbag \ Zara Turtleneck \ Truffle Collection Heels

This is where Octer comes in.

What exactly is Octer? Well, I am glad you asked (or maybe you didn’t). Octer is like your best friend who knows where you can find any item, and even tells you which stores have them on sale. It is a marketplace that pulls in the biggest retailers in the country and gives you handy little filters to play with when the selection gets too big. What makes this shopping platform truly unique is that it is not only an online search engine for clothing and accessories, but it pulls in tech-related gadgets, home options and beauty products into one shopping experience as well.

The ability to set maximum and minimum pricing when searching is what really hooked me onto this particular site. The handy feature of filtering out products that don’t fall into my price range is exactly what I need when hunting for my next find.

So, after all that searching for the perfectly-pleated skirt, I finally landed on this little number. However, even if I have the perfect fall staple currently in hand, that doesn’t mean the shopping has to end there. Octer is more of a fashion concierge in the fact that it allows you to save products from multiple stores in one place. The site also sends out weekly newsletters and discounts from your top stores. It truly is what fashion made easy is all about.

I mean, I just can’t think of any reason not to sign up for this digital shopping mall. Can you?

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