Lou Love. Sisters of the Moon




It is the thing, right? So when I heard KMAC opened an exhibit titled Sisters of the Moon- a compilation that features artists who dive into the topic of mysticism and mythology, while illuminating the creative space where female identity, art and spirituality connect- I was immediately intrigued.


kmac museum


kmac sisters of the moon

Zara Heels \ ASOS Satin Skirt \ Zara Leather Pants \ Zara Bag \ ASOS TurtleneckClassy Sheffield Watch (c/o Daniel Wellington)

The exhibit utilizes many unique mediums to provide multiple perspectives on how women are believed to have a special relationship with nature and their surrounding environment. Each piece presents a unique view surrounding the feminine mystic that is personal and cultural through the use of paint, video, photography, ceramics, drawings, collages and even installations. I was able to not only shoot amongst the art that is currently in this exhibit, but I was also completely inspired by the work that was presented as well.

Art, inspiration and fashion. I can’t think of a better way to end the year. Can you?

For more information about the full exhibit, click here

Phs: TCS and Gretchen Bell

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