My Style. A Little Valentine’s Va-Va-Voom


What can I say?

When it comes to Valentine’s Day style, I dutifully gravitate towards the color red and one particular textile: lace. Not to be too predictable when it comes to dressing for the holiday, but I practically jumped up and down with excitement when I found this skirt, which effortlessly boasts both.

Zara Lace Skirt (similar here and here) \ Truffle Collection Molly Heels \ Express Red Leather Jacket (similar here) \ Zara Bag \ Zara Blouse

However, just to steer away from donning too many clichés on my birthday (yes, my style mavens, the day of love is also the day I was born, so the tradition of wearing red on this day runs deep for me) I added a leather baseball jacket to the look for a slight masculine touch.

Now, all of my hopes and dreams for the holiday should come true. Right?

Red? (check)

Lace? (check)

Date? (ummmm… no check)

Well, at least I’m two for three when it comes to completing my list for the day. Ha


Phs: Gretchen Bell

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