My Musings. Reaching for the Stars


“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.”

– William Shakespeare

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Destiny. There are few words in the English language that conjure up such strong emotions as this one. Some see their destiny as an object that is left entirely up to the fates: a preordained path that we mere mortals have absolutely no control over. However, I like to think that I take a more active role when it comes to my own personal journey. 

Through much of my early years, I have to admit that I felt a little out of control when it came to how things were going in my life (I guess teenage angst is a completely normal side effect of one’s younger years). However, instead of feeling as if I am not able to choose my own direction in life, I now feel as if I am engaged in a fast-paced, yet deliberate waltz with destiny. Each movement being guided by a mutual push and pull between the two of us. 

Some days I am taking the lead in this dance, while others I enjoy being lead. 

But isn’t that how life is in general though? Some days we feel completely in control of our situation, and other days we have to merely sit idle in the passenger seat.  I’ve learned to embrace those days when I am taking a rest from leading this intricate dance though.

My feet need rest from time to time anyways. 

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