Shoulder Play. What Comes Next?


Yes, my style mavens, the off-the-shoulder trend is played out officially over.

However, I am not here to tell you to be a slave to fashion and switch your closet out every time a new trend emerges or dissolves. Instead, I am simply here to make you aware of the various ways one can show off their shoulders without having to wear the same strapless silhouette this season.

Topshop Open-Shoulder Dress (similar here) \ Zara Heels \ Vintage Velvet Clutch \ Farleigh Jeans 

Open-shoulder details, like the ones I am boasting above, are one way to bring those bare clavicles front and center. You can also play with a one shoulder design like Zimmerman showcased for spring, add a ruffle shoulder to the mix, or even do a little of both (Self-Portrait had me seriously swooning over this hybrid confection).

Now go out there, my style mavens, and bare it all from the shoulders up.

Phs: Gretchen Bell

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