Beargrass. A Local Brand With a Global Mission


When it comes to your beauty routine, finding the right products can be quite an arduous process. One brand promises to keep your face blemish free, while the other promises the fountain of youth in one tiny bottle.

With all these choices, how does one decide which product to use?

One factor that should come into consideration when choosing a beauty products is the ingredients. Are the ingredients natural, and is the company bottling these ingredients in a sustainable way?

A brand that is doing both is Beargrass.

With a mission to create beauty products that are comprised of completely vegan ingredients and a desire to give back to the community while doing so, Beargrass is part of a new social movement that is empowering consumers to make environmental change through the purchases they make.

Beargrass not only works with local experts to ensure their products only contain pure plant oils and extracts, they also package these ingredients in bottles that are recyclable and have been manufactured by companies that are close by. These are just two ways that Beargrass is making a difference in the beauty industry, though. The company also gives back to the community by donating 10% of its net profits to community-strengthening projects. One of these local projects includes YouthBuild Louisville, a leadership program that provides education and job training to low-income youth.

With all natural ingredients, sustainable manufacturing  processes and a mission to give back to the community, Beargrass is truly helping change the way we look at our beauty routine- one bottle of charcoal cleanser at a time.

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