Accessory Report. Summer Must-Haves

knotted sandal trend summer 2018

Update your warm weather wardrobe with a few of the season’s must-have accessories.

Kick Back in Knotted Sandals

Donning a knotted accent on your footwear is not only a stylish nod to the 70’s, but it also adds a completely feminine touch to your summer wardrobe. There are casual flat options for every day attire, or even dressier, heeled versions like the ones Michael Kors created for his latest summer collection.

Believe me, if you only embrace one footwear trend this season, kick back in a pair of knotted sandals.

Be Bold With a Belt Bag

No, you haven’t been transported to the 80’s when the fanny pack reigned supreme. Instead, the belt bag (even its name got a makeover) got a completely chic update. Zimmerman belted floral frocks with this accessory, and Gucci paired their own black belt bags with tailored menswear pieces.

You can pair your own version of the bag with a dress or your favorite blazer. You can  update a denim+ tee combo with the accessory. Regardless of how you style it, your summer wardrobe will benefit by adding this accessory to the lineup.

The Stylish Straw Staple

Straw bags have been a casual summer staple for decades, but this season we are seeing  a resurgence in this carrier among the fashion elite. If you go by seasonal runway reports, the circular option is the trendiest offering for summer. However, the best thing about this trend is that you can snag a classic, vintage piece like the one above and still be uber trendy.

A Story of Statement Earrings

No need to be shy with your jewelry choices this summer. Pump up the volume and decorate your earlobes with the perfect pair of statement earrings. Going bold by decking out your ears is an easy way to elevate any summer look.

Accessory Details: Express Knotted Sandals \ Vintage Straw Bag from Nitty Gritty \ Belt Bag  \ Zara Earrings

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