My Musings. Big Pants Big Goals

Can you believe it’s almost the end of another year? I’ve been looking back at the past several months, and I can honestly say that I’ve circled back to who I was when I first started this whole blogging gig: Someone hoping to inspire anyone who enters this creative space that I call a blog.

iPhone Snap: Navy Wide Leg Trousers (c/o Madewell– similar options here and here) \ F21 Striped Blouse \ ASOS Camel Biker Jacket (similar here and here)

Whether it was me gathering images, quotes or anything that I felt some sort of emotional connection with, and then sharing, a huge part of what made me start this social outlet was a constant need to express myself creatively, and in turn, hopefully inspire others to do the same. And although this need has manifested itself through photography- an art I watched my father dabble in growing up- the actual act of creating something in any medium ultimately boils down to the creator attempting to give a little piece of themselves to the world around them. Many designers, musicians, and even chefs lean on other forms of art to become inspired. Raf Simons created his first collection as the head designer at Dior after spending hours siting in front of a Sterling Ruby painting. This first encounter ultimately lead to a full-blown partnership between the two brands for several years. Massimo Bottura, a world-renowned chef, decided to change his entire approach to plating after seeing an interesting art exhibit featuring bird droppings in France.  And though I may not be looking to bird excrement for inspiration anytime soon, I personally look to the many other forms of art to get inspired, and also to grow as an individual.
Now, I presume after all of this rambling, you are wondering what this has to do with you readers? Well, as you can tell by the most recent posts on this blog, my Instagram account and Twitter, my goal has become to inspire and hopefully inform. This is why you will see me playing around with photography, sharing more of my outside projects, and even giving details on my current reading list. Hopefully you readers will enjoy this new direction, and get inspired as well.

Off Duty. As of Lately

Oh, what a month it has been. Between working on two of my biggest deadlines of the year and the usual bombardment of daily tasks, my blog has simply taken a backseat. However, so that you don’t feel so jaded from the past few weeks of neglect, I’m sharing what I have been up to while away, and a blogger off duty look as well. I hope that this, along with the promise of getting back to blogging regularly next week, will make up for my absence. Enjoy, my style mavens. Enjoy.

iPhone Snap: Urban Outfitters Silk Scarf \ Zara Pumps \ ASOS Black Denim \ ASOS Navy Men’s Button Down (similar here)


If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I am slightly enamored with music. I was raised by a mother who exposed me to everything from Janis Joplin to Depeche Mode, and Heart, so I’ve always had a colorful appreciation for music. I recently heard The Last Bison’s cover of M83’s Midnight City, and can’t get it out of my head. Check it out here.

Social Activities

A few months ago, I became one of four individuals who now make up the Connecting Things Louisville team, and I can honestly say that the way I view myself as a member of the local community hasn’t been the same since. Our team not only works together to create a monthly event for local creatives to meet and mingle, but we also inspire one another to be better individuals. There is so much talent in the city I live in, so being part of a team who wishes to cultivate that has been so rewarding. This month, the world-renowned photographer, Clay Cook, spoke at Lydia House about what it takes to make it in the industry. The result? A lot of inspiration, and this epic selfie.

Work Habits

Besides the usual hustle and bustle of being part of the marketing world, I have had two major deadlines for Extol Magazine- the publication I write and photograph for. My most recent editorial is still under wraps, but this Koerber’s shoot in which we combined fine jewelry with sweets just hit newsstands.

Morning Sustenance 

Today, I took some time off from my full time gig to recenter and spend time with friends. My day started with coffee and the amazing performance by the Louisville Orchestra, titled The Bach Effect. And although I have been attending performances by the Louisville Orchestra for some time now, after having the opportunity to actually meet some of the individuals who keep this well-oiled machine running and inspiring us all, I feel even more of a connection to this community. Check out their full coffee concert series schedule here.


My Musings. The Purge


iPhone Snap: Calvin Klein Button Down \ ASOS Lift Off Point Toe Lace Up Flats \ Trench Coat (c/o Chic Wish) \ Levi’s 721 Black Denim

How was your weekend, my fellow style mavens? Mine was spent with friends, some fall cleaning that consisted of me purging a substantial chunk of my current wardrobe, and some contemplation on the coming season and what items would make a great addition to my closet. When it came to deciding which pieces would stay and which would go, I chose to donate items that I hadn’t wore for at least two years, unless they were quality pieces that could stand the test of time and outlive any fashion trend. At first, the task made me feel a little anxious, but now I feel relief from de-cluttering my closet space, and from actually having room to rebuild my wardrobe with more of those quality pieces that I covet.

However, one piece that is always timeless is the trench coat. I usually stock my closet with at least one new one every season, because the item is such a classic that you simply can never have too many.

What other items am I looking forward to building my fall wardrobe around?  Well, lace-up flats are a great and comfortable piece of footwear to have, and so is a great fitting pair of black jeans and a classic bag. And while I may still be on the hunt for that perfect classic bag, I am definitely on the right track when it comes to the others.


Off Duty. Denim on Denim

all denim bod new

Express Jeans\ Zara Men’s Denim Button Down (similar here)\ BCBG Nude Pumps\ Dana Bag (c/o Free Endearment )\ Vintage Armani Blazer

W hoever said too much of a good thing is a bad thing, has never been introduced to a full denim ensemble. Of course, we can cite the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake incident as a case against the whole idea. However, when styled right (as with most EVERYTHING), donning a completely denim look can truly be oh so chic.

Off Duty. Easy Like Sunday Morning

blogger off duty ig polaroid

iPhone Snap: H&M Oversized Button Down Blouse\ Levi’s 501 CT Jeans\ Vera Wang Sunglasses (c/o Kenmark Eyewear)

It is time to be completely honest, my style mavens. The past few months have left me contemplating the state of my blog and what my next move should be. You see, although I love being a blogger (most days), I have a full time marketing job that I love, a fashion column for a new magazine, and a social life that I am determined to maintain, rather than sitting at home stressing over editing photos. So, because there are only so many hours in the day, I have been putting my blog to the side by only posting an entry or two a week.  Well, that is about to change.

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