My Musings. The Irving Penn Way

    “We don’t call them shoots here. We don’t shoot people. It’s really a love affair.” – Irving Penn I was recently tasked with photographing an editorial for Extol magazine that would feature the clothing from a local brand called The New Blak. However, unlike many of the editorials I have shot in the past, afterContinue reading “My Musings. The Irving Penn Way”

My Musings. A Little Untucked, Undone, Unmotivated, Unfocused (Ugh, That’s a Lot of Uns)

  What can I say, my style mavens? I have been absent from this whole blogging game for longer than usual. Travel, work and life are all to blame for my recent hiatus. Plus, with everything that is going on politically and socially here in the states, it has just been difficult for me toContinue reading “My Musings. A Little Untucked, Undone, Unmotivated, Unfocused (Ugh, That’s a Lot of Uns)”

Lou Love. Sisters of the Moon

  Art. It is the thing, right? So when I heard KMAC opened an exhibit titled Sisters of the Moon- a compilation that features artists who dive into the topic of mysticism and mythology, while illuminating the creative space where female identity, art and spirituality connect- I was immediately intrigued.

My Musings. Are Florals a Neutral?

  “Florals for spring? How groundbreaking.” If you are familiar with The Devil Wears Prada, then you know that this quote is not only overused (I just couldn’t help myself- haha), but that the floral trend is also seriously synonymous with spring and summer fashion. However, when you see designers like Michael Kors using flowers to makeContinue reading “My Musings. Are Florals a Neutral?”

My Musings. I’ve Got the Summertime Blues

  Yes, my style mavens, I am back. Back from a trip that has put things into a completely new perspective, and propelled me into a much-needed state of change. In fact, my trip to India had such a profound affect on me that I am still fighting to fully grasp the words to describeContinue reading “My Musings. I’ve Got the Summertime Blues”

Out of Office. India Bound

  This is my official out of office notice (my official, short and sweet notice to be exact). I am currently embarking on a new adventure, and traveling to India for the next two weeks with Anchal Project. I will be sharing more details and the experience when I return. In the meantime, you canContinue reading “Out of Office. India Bound”