My Musings. An Open Window


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Are the eyes really the window to one’s soul?

If so, I am baring mine for all to see.

Ph: Gretchen Bell

(image remixed by TCS – background photo was taken of the Polaroid wall in the Torpedo Factory Art Center, in Alexandria)


My Musings. The Irving Penn Way



“We don’t call them shoots here. We don’t shoot people. It’s really a love affair.”

– Irving Penn

I was recently tasked with photographing an editorial for Extol magazine that would feature the clothing from a local brand called The New Blak. However, unlike many of the editorials I have shot in the past, after two weeks of pondering, I was still completely unsure of the direction the shoot would take. This lead to frustration, which ultimately lead to a complete breakdown of productivity. But isn’t that how it sometimes goes with creatives, though? You almost get stuck in this viscous cycle that starts to feel unbreakable.

However, this particular dilemma (lack of productivity) did lead me to a bit of contemplation on how one can break this cycle that can feel frustrating and almost paralyzing at times.

Question: What is an artist to do when they are having a serious bought of creative block?


In my particular case, Irving Penn, an iconic photographer, was my source of inspiration.

Irving Penn’s photography graced 165 Vogue covers during his 66 year career at the publication. He was not only one of the first photographers to shoot couture creations in natural studio light, but he also crafted beauty campaigns for major companies like Clinique that were completely groundbreaking for their time. The photographer was a true visionary whose work showed the world that fashion is more than some frivolous pursuit, or a mere tool for upping one’s social ranking. It is artistic expression in one of its truest forms, because we utilize it every day to convey who we are, and how we want the world to see us. It is this very notion that has inspired me in my work.

Now, I can’t quite claim that my next shoot will turn out like Penn’s famous Women with White Rose portrait. However, I can definitively say that I will be taking on this shoot with a fresh perspective and a head full of ideas.

Stay tuned.

Ph: Vogue 

My Musings. A Little Untucked, Undone, Unmotivated, Unfocused (Ugh, That’s a Lot of Uns)


vest style at seven nine eighty productions

What can I say, my style mavens?

I have been absent from this whole blogging game for longer than usual.

Travel, work and life are all to blame for my recent hiatus. Plus, with everything that is going on politically and socially here in the states, it has just been difficult for me to get excited about what trend I plan to wear this season, or even a new pair of heels.

The truth is, I have just been completely undone lately.

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My Musings. Are Florals a Neutral?



“Florals for spring? How groundbreaking.”

If you are familiar with The Devil Wears Prada, then you know that this quote is not only overused (I just couldn’t help myself- haha), but that the floral trend is also seriously synonymous with spring and summer fashion. However, when you see designers like Michael Kors using flowers to make a fur jacket pop, you know florals have officially taken over crossed over to fall. With this unlikely transition, I can’t help but wonder: Is floral the new neutral?

Well, Michael Kors wasn’t the only one to incorporated chic blooms into fall designs. Josep Font brought his extraordinary vision to life at Delpozo when he adorned sleeves with 3D lotus blossoms and lilies. We also saw head-to-toe floral frocks at Zac Posen, and Demna Gvasalia even mixed several flower-based patterns together for an unexpected punk vibe at Balenciaga.

With all these different options when it comes to wearing florals for fall, my style mavens,  I think it is pretty clear that this trend has really bloomed and that florals are here to stay.

Out of Office. India Bound


anchal project bandana

This is my official out of office notice (my official, short and sweet notice to be exact). I am currently embarking on a new adventure, and traveling to India for the next two weeks with Anchal Project. I will be sharing more details and the experience when I return. In the meantime, you can follow my journey via Twitter and Instagram. Cheers!


OOTD: Anchal Project Bandana \ Vintage Denim Dress