Coffee Talk. In the Words of O’Keeffe

  Growing up, I was well-acquainted with the Georgia O’Keeffe who was the American artist that brought fantasy to life in the form of oil on canvas. However, after a recent article surfaced on the painter’s personal life, I realize that her bold ideas and opinions were as trailblazing as the highly saturated blooms she so famously painted. The painterContinue reading “Coffee Talk. In the Words of O’Keeffe”

My Musings. Making Changes

  With the new season, I have experienced thoughts of change and some serious spurts of inspiration. When you have been running your own website for a number of years, you sometimes find yourself either getting bored with what you are doing, and in some cases quit the endeavor altogether, or you keep evolving and making changes. I haveContinue reading “My Musings. Making Changes”

Coffee Talk. Cecil Beaton Knows Best

iPhone Pic: My Morning View at Le Moo This week has been quite intense with everything that is going on locally for Derby. However, even with all the social appointments, deadlines and festivities, I am learning to sit back, enjoy some coffee and be just be grateful. “Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anythingContinue reading “Coffee Talk. Cecil Beaton Knows Best”

Reading List. milk and honey

With her no-holds-barred approach to detailing some of the most excruciatingly painful and stunningly beautiful aspects of being a woman, Rupi Kaur has a voice that simply demands to be heard. In her first book, ‘milk and honey’, Kaur details her journey through hurt, love, breaking, and a final enlightening chapter on healing. However, her true talentContinue reading “Reading List. milk and honey”

Editorial. The Uniform

Harper’s Bazaar Germany\ Sabrina Ioffreda Photographed by Gianluca Fontana I recently found this image while perusing one of my favorite blogs, and something about it struck me. I guess it is the subtle resemblance that the colors, crisp blouse and dungaree structure have to the school uniforms I spent many years donning while attending preparatory school. However, instead ofContinue reading “Editorial. The Uniform”