Accessory Report. Update to the T-shirt+ Denim Combo

  Mango Tassel Earrings  If you read this post, you know that statement earnings are back, and in a big way. That being said, tassel earrings such as these are an absolute must. They can take that t-shirt and denim combo to the next level, and even make a messy ponytail look uber chic. WhatContinue reading “Accessory Report. Update to the T-shirt+ Denim Combo”

New In. Ankle-Strapped for Spring

  ASOS One Wish Heels  It should come as no surprise that straps have made their way back to their rightful place: on my feet around the ankle. The trend has come and gone for several years, but this season has offered up an assortment of silhouettes and styles. From the thin-strapped metallic sandals that were attachedContinue reading “New In. Ankle-Strapped for Spring”

Trend to Try. Metal Details Come Full Circle

  Mango Metal Ring Bag (other options here and here) When it comes to embracing trends, I find that subtle is often better. One such trend that I am excited to incorporate into my spring wardrobe is about as subtle as it gets, yet it was seen on dresses, handbags and jewelry during the spring presentations. ThisContinue reading “Trend to Try. Metal Details Come Full Circle”

My New Ear Bangers. Seeing Things Clearly

  Mango Lucite Earrings There are many ways to make a statement this spring, but oversized earrings seem to top the list after they were incorporated into the collections of fashion heavy hitters such as Rodarte, Proenza Schouler and J.W. Anderson (Anderson’s mis-matched take on the trend was my absolute favorite of the season). Shoulder dusting earrings have slowlyContinue reading “My New Ear Bangers. Seeing Things Clearly”

New In. Heels for the Holidays

  ASOS Patent Leather Pumps Confession time: For many years, I have romanticized the idea of wearing denim to a holiday party. And no, I don’t mean the kind of party you casually have with your family and closest friends. I am referring to the ones that are so festive that people plan their outfits weeks in advance for.Continue reading “New In. Heels for the Holidays”

New In. The Case for Wearing White Year-Round

  I was recently working from a local coffee shop when a conversation about the season’s color palette came up. The warmer hues that took over the fall collections- think velvets in the mustard tones we saw at Valentino, an onslaught of fiery reds and calming blues – all stuck out as colors in need of some majorContinue reading “New In. The Case for Wearing White Year-Round”

New In. Fall’n Leaves, Rising Textures

  Even if the temperatures are still soaring, one can still embrace the many textures that fall has to offer. Lace, a textile that has popped in and out of fashion since the late 15th century, is back and stronger than ever this season. From the dark romanticism that was offered up in the Balmain andContinue reading “New In. Fall’n Leaves, Rising Textures”