WIW. Baltimore Edition


I did it, my style mavens.

I finally found the perfect travel bag. I mean, this Hayden Harnett clutch can fit all my gadgets, including my laptop (no small feat), and anything else I feel necessary to pack for a plane ride. Then, it  transitions effortlessly into a chic accessory. Its large size makes it practical, but its quilted, vegan leather frame and side handle strap make it a completely stylish option, as well.

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Yellow Toes. Some Serious Slingback


slingback shoe trend

Zara Yellow Flats

It’s a new season, which means there is a new excuse to be completely enamored with a new trend in the footwear department.

Take one step forward and enter the slingback into the conversation.

With modern styling, and interesting colors and adornments, this shoe is not reserved solely for older style mavens anymore. Dior featured a bow version of the slingback in its spring show and Moschino made a statement with the an electric red, stiletto version they debuted in their spring offering. Each proving that a pair of slingback shoes can be a fresh statement for any outfit.

Wear your own set of slingbacks as a comfortable pair of flats, or add another staple to your collection of heels with the elevated versions. Either way, the slingback shoe is THE piece of footwear to own this season.


Ph: Gretchen Bell