New In. My Kind of Daydreamer Denim


One lesson we have learned when it comes to fashion, is that satire truly goes a long way. Right now, designers are borrowing a bit of comic relief from the 70s, and bringing patched up denim back into the the fashion stratosphere with their modern take on the trend. From mis-matched patches of denim at Tom Ford to a pair of DKNY jeans that resemble a DIY project (in the best way possible), and even emoji patches that reference the era that we currently live in, denim is getting a complete makeover this spring.

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My Style. The Three Piece Suit


camel suit

This time of year, my social feeds become completely oversaturated with stories covering the pieces to buy when transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring, and then from spring to summer. And while I am guilty of this type of relentless posting myself, one small, but very important piece of advice is often left out of the equation: look for items that will help you transition your wardrobe for many seasons to come.

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My Style. Winter Layers

Mother nature can be so brutal and indecisive this time of the year, which can lead to quite the challenge when it comes to getting dressed. And though I must admit that getting dressed for colder weather is not rocket science, the task can still be frustrating for any fashion enthusiast hoping to stay true to their aesthetic, and stay warm at the same time.

Vintage Armani Blazer \ BCBG Pumps \ ASOS Grey Coat (similar option here) \ ASOS Denim \ Zara Men’s Button Down \ Urban Outfitters Scarf \ Bracelet and Rings (c/o Marrin Costello)

The solution?

Layers, my style mavens. Layers not only give visual interest to any look, but they are also practical when it comes to moving from frigid temps to warmer interiors quickly and throughout the day. I prefer to layer my normal look with a longer coat that adds warmth instead of bulk. I also believe that adding a neck accessory, such as this scarf, is truly the ultimate style statement this season.

What are your favorite items to layer with during the colder months?