New In. Heels for the Holidays


patent lather pumps

ASOS Patent Leather Pumps

Confession time: For many years, I have romanticized the idea of wearing denim to a holiday party. And no, I don’t mean the kind of party you casually have with your family and closest friends. I am referring to the ones that are so festive that people plan their outfits weeks in advance for. The ones where tiny food is served all night on tiny treys. (You know where I am going with this.)

I know, in most social circles denim is completely unacceptable attire when it comes to this kind of festive soiree, but my rebellious streak and constant urge to play with new ideas in fashion has lead me back to this particular dilemma many times. However, I think I have finally cracked the code when it comes to navigating this uncharted territory of mixing denim with holiday dressing.

The key? The right pair of heels, of course.

I mean, didn’t Marilyn Monroe once claim that the right pair of heels can help a woman conquer the world? If that is in fact true, then why wouldn’t the right pair of heels help a style maven confidently conquer a holiday shindig in the denim of her choosing? Maybe this holiday season, add a twist to this idea though by pairing your denim with patterned tights or dress socks that really put some focus on your footwear.

Once you have that in place, expect to turn heads in all the right ways this holiday season.

My Style. Ringing In the Holiday with Bells


bell sleeve trend

Sleeves seem to be a major topic of conversation amongst the fashion set lately. They have taken on exaggerated silhouettes, been chopped up, chopped off and sewn in ever way imaginable. They even had holes cut into them last season as a playful nod to a time when shoulders were a major player in the game of bringing subtle sex appeal back. However, regardless of how they are constructed, sleeves are the latest it fashion accessory. So, it’s not hard to believe that adding a touch of serious flare would be the next logical step in this quest to make sleeves truly chic again.

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Holiday Fancy. Channeling My Inner Bianca Jagger



Mango Blouse \ Zara Skinny Scarf (similar bow blouse here) \ ASOS Denim \ Goldy Watch (c/o Barbas & Zacári)

Now that the holidays have officially arrived, I have decided to embrace my inner Bianca Jagger and don the bow blouse like I’m the style maven making a grand entrance at Studio 54 back in 1979. Not that I need an excuse to rock the pussy bow trend with abandon, but it is always nice to have another option when you are making the rounds at this year’s holiday soirees.

Along with its day-to-night versatility, this trend is so easy to don. It can be worn with jeans, dressier trousers, and it can even be paired with with a skirt or dress.

The best part?

If you still have that silk, skinny scarf that was all the rage last season, you can actually style it with your favorite button down confection to create a whole new look that embraces the bow blouse trend.

Beauty. A Glitter Bomb for Your Face



Ph: FashionEditorials (remixed by TCS)

I am not one to usually wear glitter or sequins. However, the holidays always give me an excuse to add a little sparkle to my current fashion and beauty repertoire. With that in mind, I took notice when designers like Jenny Packham adorned their model’s eyelids with enough glitter to power Studio 54 back in its heyday.

Sure, to some this may seem like a glitter bomb exploded on your face. For me though, it feels like a chic way to add a little panache to a mostly black winter wardrobe while channeling my inner Bianca Jagger to boot.

Cheers to that!

See Vogue’s glitter makeup tutorial here.