Beargrass. A Local Brand With a Global Mission



When it comes to your beauty routine, finding the right products can be quite an arduous process. One brand promises to keep your face blemish free, while the other promises the fountain of youth in one tiny bottle.

With all these choices, how does one decide which product to use?

One factor that should come into consideration when choosing a beauty products is the ingredients. Are the ingredients natural, and is the company bottling these ingredients in a sustainable way?

A brand that is doing both is Beargrass.

With a mission to create beauty products that are comprised of completely vegan ingredients and a desire to give back to the community while doing so, Beargrass is part of a new social movement that is empowering consumers to make environmental change through the purchases they make.

Beargrass not only works with local experts to ensure their products only contain pure plant oils and extracts, they also package these ingredients in bottles that are recyclable and have been manufactured by companies that are close by. These are just two ways that Beargrass is making a difference in the beauty industry, though. The company also gives back to the community by donating 10% of its net profits to community-strengthening projects. One of these local projects includes YouthBuild Louisville, a leadership program that provides education and job training to low-income youth.

With all natural ingredients, sustainable manufacturing  processes and a mission to give back to the community, Beargrass is truly helping change the way we look at our beauty routine- one bottle of charcoal cleanser at a time.


Yellow Toes. Some Serious Slingback


slingback shoe trend

Zara Yellow Flats

It’s a new season, which means there is a new excuse to be completely enamored with a new trend in the footwear department.

Take one step forward and enter the slingback into the conversation.

With modern styling, and interesting colors and adornments, this shoe is not reserved solely for older style mavens anymore. Dior featured a bow version of the slingback in its spring show and Moschino made a statement with the an electric red, stiletto version they debuted in their spring offering. Each proving that a pair of slingback shoes can be a fresh statement for any outfit.

Wear your own set of slingbacks as a comfortable pair of flats, or add another staple to your collection of heels with the elevated versions. Either way, the slingback shoe is THE piece of footwear to own this season.


Ph: Gretchen Bell

My Musings. The Irving Penn Way



“We don’t call them shoots here. We don’t shoot people. It’s really a love affair.”

– Irving Penn

I was recently tasked with photographing an editorial for Extol magazine that would feature the clothing from a local brand called The New Blak. However, unlike many of the editorials I have shot in the past, after two weeks of pondering, I was still completely unsure of the direction the shoot would take. This lead to frustration, which ultimately lead to a complete breakdown of productivity. But isn’t that how it sometimes goes with creatives, though? You almost get stuck in this viscous cycle that starts to feel unbreakable.

However, this particular dilemma (lack of productivity) did lead me to a bit of contemplation on how one can break this cycle that can feel frustrating and almost paralyzing at times.

Question: What is an artist to do when they are having a serious bought of creative block?


In my particular case, Irving Penn, an iconic photographer, was my source of inspiration.

Irving Penn’s photography graced 165 Vogue covers during his 66 year career at the publication. He was not only one of the first photographers to shoot couture creations in natural studio light, but he also crafted beauty campaigns for major companies like Clinique that were completely groundbreaking for their time. The photographer was a true visionary whose work showed the world that fashion is more than some frivolous pursuit, or a mere tool for upping one’s social ranking. It is artistic expression in one of its truest forms, because we utilize it every day to convey who we are, and how we want the world to see us. It is this very notion that has inspired me in my work.

Now, I can’t quite claim that my next shoot will turn out like Penn’s famous Women with White Rose portrait. However, I can definitively say that I will be taking on this shoot with a fresh perspective and a head full of ideas.

Stay tuned.

Ph: Vogue 

WIW. Forecastle Festival Style



This new section of my blog, dutifully titled What I Wore will simply highlight a look I recently wore that I deemed worthy enough to share on The Chic Street.

There will be no briefing on the latest trend, or detailed account of why I styled the ensemble in such a manner (unless I am feeling particularly frisky that day).

Keeping it simple.

Outfit Details: Express Denim Skirt \ ASOS Basic Crop \ Ilana Saddle Bag (c/o FRYE)


Foodie Friday. Red Herring



Since I currently live in the Butchertown neighborhood of Louisville, I often keep a close eye out for restaurants that open in the areas close to where I reside. One such area that gets a lot of my attention is the Clifton one. This part of Louisville is known for it’s long-standing culinary presence, and recently Red Herring was added to Clifton’s roster of must-visit restaurants.

Red Herring opened in May of this year in the historic Hilltop Theater on Frankfort Avenue. It serves 100 of the most influential classic cocktails, inspired by award-winning bartender Clay Livingston, along with house-crafted recipes, adult milkshakes, artisanal wines and even regional craft beers. With a menu that caters to all, the establishment’s dishes are created by chef Jacob Coronado, and meant to complement the drinks Red Herring offers.

Food that can be eaten by hand alongside my favorite cocktail?

I’ll definitely raise a glass to that!