Publication Portfolio

Publication Highlights:

A Journey of Hope Through Design – Writing and Photography ( Extol Magazine/February 2017)


Glam Meets Grunge– Styling and Photography (Extol Magazine/December 2017)


Linda DeRungs: A Story Three Decades in The Making – Interview and Writing (Extol Magazine/ October 2017)


The New BLAK – Interview, Writing and Photography (Extol Magazine/June 2017)


All Tied Up – Interview, Writing and Photography (Extol Magazine/February 2017)


KMAC Couture: When Art Walks the Runway– Writing (Extol Magazine/March 2017)

Fashion Forward with Frances Lewis – Writing, Styling and Photoshoot Director (Extol Magazine/February 2015)


Oh Baby! – Writing and Photography (Extol Magazine/August 2016)


What Dreams May Come – Interview, Writing and Photography (Extol Magazine/December 2015)



The Sweet Life – Writing, Styling and Creative Director (Extol Magazine/October 2015)


On Trend: Bri Bowers– Interview and Photography (The Voice Tribune)

Blessings in a Backpack and Louisville Bespoke -Writing and Photography (The Voice Tribune)







Somsack Sikhounmuong: Interview with Madewell’s Head of Design – Interview and Writing (The Voice Tribune)


Fashion Week– Writing and Photography (The Voice Tribune and The Chic Street /September 2013)

Contributor To: The Voice Tribune (Fashion View Columnist from 2012-2015)