My Photography. What Dreams May Come

Ph: Miranda McDonald (owned by Extol Magazine)  Last month, I had the opportunity to shoot my second fashion editorial for print, and interview the uber talented Project Runway alum, Gunnar Deathrage. His collection, titled The Bird Lady, is the perfect mix of structure and whimsical, and made me realize just how important the perfect piece of outerwear trulyContinue reading “My Photography. What Dreams May Come”

Off Duty. As of Lately

Oh, what a month it has been. Between working on two of my biggest deadlines of the year and the usual bombardment of daily tasks, my blog has simply taken a backseat. However, so that you don’t feel so jaded from the past few weeks of neglect, I’m sharing what I have been up to while away, and aContinue reading “Off Duty. As of Lately”