New In. The Case for Wearing White Year-Round



I was recently working from a local coffee shop when a conversation about the season’s color palette came up. The warmer hues that took over the fall collections- think velvets in the mustard tones we saw at Valentino, an onslaught of fiery reds and calming blues – all stuck out as colors in need of some major attention this fall. However, another interesting question arose from topic at hand: Can you get away with wearing white year-round?  

At first, I found this question to be a bit ridiculous. (Doesn’t everyone appreciate a crisp pair of cream trousers like I do?) However, after doing some digging, I came to realize that this question is one that is still asked often, and not just by the older generation who followed a stricter set of guidelines when it came to getting dressed. 

Well, my style mavens, I am here to set the record straight and free you from all the confusion and guilt that comes with wanting to wear a touch of white during the winter months. So here goes. I don’t just suggest that you completely break the rules when it comes to wearing white past labor day, I actually encourage it. In fact, I encourage it so much, that I have put together a little how-to list for you to think about next time you shame yourself out of wearing your favorite egret dress.

Pair it with black

Monochrome dressing has always been chic, but pairing white with black is the ultimate way to seamlessly transition an all white ensemble into fall and winter. Even your favorite white jumpsuit can be paired with a black belt, heels and leather jacket, and look like it was made just for fall. 

Add some texture

Fall and winter are all about comfortable texture, so finding a great piece that boasts this is essential. Choosing a cream color trousers or longer skirt in a hardier textile is a quick way to get out of the all black rut that so many of us get into when the temperatures drop. Pair either piece with a heavy knit in the same lighter hue or tailored blouse. 

Crop It

The biggest concern most style mavens face when wearing white is keeping their items clean during a season that brings snow, slush and everything in between. The best way to keep a white hem clean? Don’t let t touch the ground. Wear those lighter trousers in a cropped silhouette. And while you are at it, find the perfect pair that incorporates this season’s flare trend. Trust me, you will thank me later when you see how flattering this option actually is. 

Details. Burgundy Is the New Black

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Mango Burgundy Saddle Bag (The Chic, Yet Cheap Find) \ Moon Star Bracelet (c/o Marrin Costello)

When you are constantly swimming in a closet of all black, a reprieve from the color- however small that may be- can be much-welcomed. While perusing one of my favorite retailers for a new black bag, I stumbled across this little burgundy gem. The faux fur pom pom intrigued me, the clean lines excited me, and the thought of adding a little dose of color to my often all black winter ensembles completely inspired me.

Sure, it may just be a small step in the grand scheme of things, but one small step usually leads to another. Then, that step leads to a bigger step, and before you know it I may even be jumping on that color train this spring. (Or, at least taking a small ride- lol.)

Lust List. The Perfect Companions


 Zues+Dione Fringed Bag\ Eye Swing Earrings (via TCS Instagram)\ The Row Fall 2015\ WIWT– F21 Leather Jacket, Zara Pointy Loafers (similar here)\ River Backpack (c/o Hobo ) \ Floral Sunglasses

For today’s lust list, I am sharing some of my latest accessory acquisitions and some that I currently have my eye on (quite literally). Whether it is the perfect fringed confection or a pair of swing earrings, each piece would be the perfect companion to any ensemble.

Get Fringed: From bangs to handbags and skirts that are meant to move, fringe is one adornment that all of us style mavens should be looking to when it comes to adding some panache to our spring wardrobes.

Swingers: Swing earrings and pearls are the latest craze when it comes to ear accessories. However, I am not the basic, pearl kind of style maven, so these eye swingers also allowing me to explore the trend while adding a bit of edge and touch of quirk to my look.

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fitting:  The Row’s fall 2015 collection was the definition of perfection. The obi belts and shortened kimono silhouettes made me so very excited for the new season.

Thawing Out: My ankles are finally thawing out after a snow storm that had me thinking that spring would never come. Today, I donned the perfect pair of loafers (ankles out and all), a leather backpack, stripes and a huge smile.

The Perfect Pair of Sunnies: I may not don a lot of print or color, but I do like to incorporate it when I can, and most of the time I do so with my accessories. These patterned eye blockers from SHEINSIDE are perfection.