WIW. Forecastle Festival Style



This new section of my blog, dutifully titled What I Wore will simply highlight a look I recently wore that I deemed worthy enough to share on The Chic Street.

There will be no briefing on the latest trend, or detailed account of why I styled the ensemble in such a manner (unless I am feeling particularly frisky that day).

Keeping it simple.

Outfit Details: Express Denim Skirt \ ASOS Basic Crop \ Ilana Saddle Bag (c/o FRYE)


My Musings. A Little Untucked, Undone, Unmotivated, Unfocused (Ugh, That’s a Lot of Uns)


vest style at seven nine eighty productions

What can I say, my style mavens?

I have been absent from this whole blogging game for longer than usual.

Travel, work and life are all to blame for my recent hiatus. Plus, with everything that is going on politically and socially here in the states, it has just been difficult for me to get excited about what trend I plan to wear this season, or even a new pair of heels.

The truth is, I have just been completely undone lately.

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My Style. How to Layer Like a Pro


With fall right around the corner, the upcoming season’s best and brightest have already made their way down the runways, been swooned over by the masses, analyzed by fashion’s it crowds, and even found their way into stores. With all the taunting currently coming from these fall must-haves, I find myself tempted to incorporate them (yes, I know it is mid-August and the temps are still soaring) into my current summer wardrobe.

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