My Style. Topped Off

brass paper smith

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Travel Diary.New York Fashion Week Spring 2014


As I made my journey home from Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week (one that was fraught with pure exhaustion and a mild state of delirium), I gave some thought to what had unfolded in the days prior. I must start by saying that this experience did not begin on such a positive note, and although I am quite the go-getter, deciding to take on this endeavor, virtually by myself, was a bit daunting. I quickly learned that there is no such thing as being over-prepared when it comes to New York Fashion Week, because the fashion industry and the city are always throwing something unexpected your way, and the only way to come out with any sort of sanity, is to learn how to adapt.  Unfortunately, this is a lesson that I learned as soon as I stepped my Zara-clad foot into the tents at the Lincoln Center.

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